Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder
We have the Ferrari 458 Italia spyder, which is a fascinating hypercar. Our 458 Italia is a great choice for its high-performance features. With our 458 hires, you’ll be able to enjoy the combination of a pillow-soft ride and an exciting handling mechanism. The car has agile steering that will impress you on the performance front. We also provide you with the 458 Italia with no limited mileage. Once onboard, you’ll notice the cutting-edge technology as well as the luxurious leather materials.

Body and Chassis
Our 458 italic car hire, like the rest of the Ferrari series, combines a stunning interior and exterior design. The car comes with technologically advanced handling features and an elegant posture. Speaking of body and chassis, it is a 2-door retractable hard-top convertible sports car that is just perfectly perfect for 2. The 458 Italian spider rental has a standard 2 seats.

Power Train
The car comes with a base engine is F136 turbocharged 4.5- liter, but customers looking for additional towing capability or performance can opt for the turbocharged V-8. For even more comfort and safety, we’ll ensure that we deliver your 458 Italia equipped with adjustable air suspension and front and a multi-link setup at the rear. Frankly speaking, despite all of these luxury amenities, the Ferrari 458 Italia is quite sporty than its competitors, like the Porsche Cayenne. On the other hand, the 458 rental can compete with cars like the Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti, and Lamborghini Gallardo hire.
The Ferrari 458 Italia Is A Limited Edition
The Ferrari 458 Italia Edition is a limited edition. There is only a limited version of the 458 Italia built to commemorate Ferrari’s legacy in the world. The car is recognized by its Longitudinal, rear mid-engine, and Red body color.

Hire Our Ferrari 458 Today
Our Ferrari 458 Italia is the right car for your weekend or romantic getaway. Our 458 rental services are perfect for businesses, leisure, or even educational trips as we offer flexible rates and terms for short, medium, and long-term contracts, depending on your rental requirements.
As a car rental firm that is so passionate about car hire services, we promise to go above and beyond your expectation in terms of quality and service. for Scotland. Branches awarded the VIP status are:

Features for Driver Assistance and Safety
The 458 Italia comes with several driver-assistance systems. Some of these features are either standard or optional. You don’t want to miss renting this car. The Ferrari 458 Italia spider is such an appealing car for hire. You can book with us now for the 458’s crash-test results.
The Ferrari 458 is, for sure, a fascinating car. We have already learned how the car boasts a luxury interior and is enjoyable to drive. Our 458 spider is in the same boat. Although if you don’t require a 2-seater but enjoy 458’s performance, you might want to try other of our Ferrari cars.
Our objective at Derby Limos Hire is to make renting your next vehicle as simple as possible. With our luxurious 458 Italia car, you’ll enjoy everything you need for your ride. The Ferrari cars are available for self-drive and chauffeur hire. They can be hired for a short term or a long term period. The choice is upon you. Contact +44 7943 144777 to book now. We always have a service to suit you. We also provide extremely competitive rental rates for both sports cars rentals and limo hire in the UK.

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