At Derby Limos, we have the most advanced BMW 5 Series ever. There are three models in the 5 Series lineup: a saloon, a fastback GT, and a touring estate. The BMW 5 series is among the most elegant sports cars in our inventory. The cars also provide high performance and handling power. These vehicles have a range of diverse and unique qualities that make them suitable for any special occasion.

The BMW 5 Series can be referred to as a sophisticated and well-appointed four-door sedan with seating for five people. We offer the BMW cars for hire at an affordable price and can also deliver them to all Derbyshire areas, London, Heathrow Airport, Birmingham and Sydney.

Stunning Design highlights in the exterior and interior of Our BMW 5 Series

Being a sports car, the BMW 5 Series takes sportiness and structure to new heights. From the exterior, you’ll notice the BMW’s proportion features. The car has a long wheelbase, an extended bonnet, and a convertible roof line.

The sleek, reduced surfaces of the car contrast beautifully with the edges, resulting in a modern, juristic aesthetic. The car’s headlamps are perfectly integrated into the grille. The headlamps give the car an extraordinary beauty and appearance. Actually, the overall look of the BMW 5 Series is fashionable yet sporty.


For a fast-paced and entertaining trip, always rent a BMW 5 Series. The car is adaptable to all roads and offers high performance. We deliver the BMW 5 Series anywhere in the UK, regardless of the location or duration. The BMW 5 series is ideal for cooperative transfers, airport transfers, family vacations, and romantic and weekend getaways. We will provide you with a car that has both flair and high performance.

The BMW 5-Series provides you and your driver with a smooth, reliable drive that will compliment any event. In addition to the bunch of electronics that come with the car, the BMW 5 series offers a powerful yet efficient engine.

To Rent ABMW 5 Series

Start your reservation process by searching for the car in our inventory.

Contact our reservation team to confirm its availability for your desired dates.

The exact BMW model you’ll get depends on availability, but it’ll be in the BMW 5 Series that we have learnt about in the introduction.

High Predominance of the BMW 6 series

When you rent a BMW 5 Series either for leisure, a road test, or any special occasion, you’ll understand that you’re actually driving a high-performance car. The BMW 5 Series is one of the most highly rated executive family saloons on the road today. We will provide you with a car that is beautifully decorated and has a luxurious interior, and you will enjoy driving it.

You’ll also get to enjoy the six-cylinder, 3-liter engine under the hood, that is, if you choose the 530. This is definitely a classic unit: it’s very quiet, powerful, and cost-effective. The 24-valve, straight-six engine drives the rear wheels directly for stability. This allows the vehicle to be more flexible and reliable in its handling. For most drivers, they find the “feel” of the steering very impressive.

The BMW 5 series‘ performance is also exceptional for this class of vehicle: It takes less than six seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph, with a top speed of up to 155 mph. Surprisingly, over 50 miles per gallon may be achievable. The car also comes with a slick six-speed manual transmission as a standard feature.

Hire a BMW 5 Series from Avis Prestige

The BMW 5 Series is available for hire online. You can also decide to visit our office in Derby.

To hire a BMW 5 Series car for your next romantic getaway or business meeting, contact our specialized reservations staff.

After you’ve completed your reservation, you can either pick up your car from our car rental or have it delivered to your desired location. All our cars undergo regular, thorough safety and maintenance inspections. We work extra hard to ensure that we provide customers with the safest vehicles. Contact us on +44 7943 144777 to rent a BMW 5 Series in Derby.


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