Bentley Continental GT

A Bentley is a luxury car rental that is both sporty and comfortable. At Derby limos we’re glad bring you a Continental GT rental. Derby Limos Hire provides a wide range of Bentley Continental hire services, with delivery available throughout Derbyshire.

Our Bentley rental gives you nothing but the best feelings. You get to travel in luxury and style. For many, it is the preferred option for most special occasions in the UK.

For Style and Luxury Rent the Continental Gt

Bentley manufacturers have always focused on two features: luxury and performance. The two are combined to provide a thrilling rental experience. You can enjoy this one-of-a-kind and unrivaled experience when you hire a Bentley from us.

We have invested in finding luxury car rentals that include everything Bentley has to offer. We offer the lowest continental GT price rate. You can rent our excellent Bentley Continental GT One-Only. It’s easy and fast. Our Continental GT hire gives you access to a polished, elegant driving experience without sacrificing performance.

We are known for renting out some of the world’s most luxurious cars, and our Bentleys for hire are no exception. They take grand touring to exhilarating new heights, designed and constructed for luxury and style.

High Performance Power of the Continental GT hire

In terms of performance, luxury and style, the Bentley Continental GT establishes new standards. The car comes with a 6.0-litre and a 12-cylinder engine under the hood. The combination delivers the right blend of power and refinement in the new Continental GT.

The Continental GT is definitely a grand tourer, with a sleek and new Bentley design. The vehicle has crisp lines that traverse the length of the vehicle. Every element, from the cut crystal-effect LED matrix headlights to the LED rear lamps, gives the vehicle an aura of power and presence.

The Technological Features of the Continental Gt

Our Continental GT has been designed to blend in with any occasion. The car comes with amazing technological features such as satellite navigation and an in-car Wi-Fi hotspot. These digital features can be accessed via the central infotainment screen or the steering wheel. We provide you with the car with the My Bentley app that provides you with digital access to your car through your phone. The app provides functions like “Lock my car” and “My Car Status,” which allow you to monitor information like fuel levels remotely.


Interior of the Continental Gt

The Continental GT has a handcrafted luxury interior. The vehicle’s distinctive design is noticed once you’re onboard. To experience the car’s breath-taking power like no other, rent our Bentley Continental GT today. This marquee is world-renowned for being a statement of pure luxury. Bentley automobile hire in the UK at a competitive price is guaranteed.

Continental Gt for Hire in London

If you need a Continental GT for hire in London, we’ve got you covered. We’ll provide you with a very competitive price rate for our Continental GT Hire. We compare all competitor rates to ensure that we are providing you with the best car rental deals in Derby. We also provide discounted prices on all our Bentley vehicles. When making a reservation, please ask our online agents for further information.

Talk to our team about Bentley car hire in Derby.

We provide our customers with top-of-the-line Bentleys. When you rent a Continental GT with us, you’re guaranteed peace of mind. Rent with us today and enjoy the superb customer care services that you’d expect from a worldwide car rental company. We own all of the cars that are rented to our clients.

We deliver and collect Continental Hire throughout the United Kingdom. We can deliver to your home, office, or hotel.


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