Audi TT

The Audi TT is among the most powerful models in our Audi car hire fleet. It has a more consistent performance than any preceding Audi model available. In addition, we can advise you that the Audi TT is a car that everyone can hire.

Our Audi TT Hire’s performance and handling mechanisms

While Audis haven’t always been at the forefront of performance and design, the Audi TT offers a luxurious and reliable ride. The car offers a high speed limit and has better handling power.

The Audi TT has a 4-liter turbocharged twin engine that produces about 552 horsepower. This is definitely a significant improvement over the previous edition. The car is not really light, but it is substantially lighter compared to other Audi car models. This is reflected in the handling and energy efficiency of the vehicle.

Hire an Audi TT from Derby Limos Hire for an exciting trip.

All our cars are well maintained for a better and more exciting driving experience. Let’s check some of the characteristics that make our Audi TT car stand out from other vehicles.

Design: The fluid lines of this attractive Audi model’s body shape can be seen across the wheel arches and windscreen pillars. Also, the car has a sloping tailgate, making it stand out on the road.

Speed and handling: It’s for sure that Audi’s Space Frame technology has been maximized. This can be seen in the aluminum used extensively throughout the body. Also, you’ll realize steel has been used on the chassis. As a result, the Audi TT car has a lighter body that allows for better maneuverability and responsiveness. It is for this reason that the car offers higher speeds and fuel efficiency.

The Audi TT’s interior design:  The Audi TT is furnished with leather sports seats. Also, the interior of the Audi TT is equipped with digital dials and a high-tech infotainment system. Lastly, there is a DAB radio, a vivid display picture, and climate control to provide the ultimate sports car experience.

Reach Out to Derby Limos for Your Audi TT Rental Needs.

We are proud at Derby Limos to offer you a variety of additional services. You can add these services to your Audi TT Superb car hire booking. For instance, you can request for child safety seats to be fitted. Also, you can take out additional driver coverage. Alternatively, you can even opt to request a map of the area you’re visiting. Whenever you are wondering where to get your Audi car rental services, don’t settle for less. Always enjoy the ride with Derby Limos Hire.


Why Derby Limos Hire

With Derby Limos, you can rent the Audi TT and enjoy all that Audi technology has to offer. As we have already seen, Audi has enhanced the already remarkable features of the legendary TT model by giving it a sportier edge.

For a long weekend in Derby City or a longer vacation in the Derbyshire destinations, rent the Audi TT from us. This prestigious sports car is also suitable for any party.

Contact our online reservations team to book the Audi TT now. We guarantee a luxury experience when you hire with us. Our Audi cars are available for hire at the moment. Our Audi hire cars are also available to rent in all major cities in the UK. You can get our limo and sports car hire services in the following areas: Portsmouth, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, and Chelsea, as well as major city airports such as Heathrow.

When you rent our Audi cars, you’ll get extra first-class features that are only available to our loyal customers. Check out our entire selection of sports car rentals.


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